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Remote Reservoir Shocks With Compression Adjustment

The shock absorber is used to suppress the shock and the impact from the road surface when the spring rebounds after absorbing the shock. EPIK remote reservoir shock with compression adjustment is the most cost-effective option for your vehicle. It combines safety, maneuverability, comfort, and high performance for extreme off-roading.

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Product Features

With ultra precisely grinded 35CrMo alloy steel piston rod, thickened straight quilting milling steel tube and T7075 aviation aluminum machined parts, the shock intensity and piston motion smoothness have been enhanced greatly. Overall tensile strength is over 1000KN. Safety is guaranteed as there will be no malfunction such as break, bending, and wearing oil leakage during racing or high intensive off-roading.

Shocks have been calibrated strictly before mass production. Through driving on different road sections like express way, bumping roads, mountain roads, rain forests, and racing terrains, damping force is adjusted according to different drivers’ feelings. In this way, shocks can be adjusted to meet the maneuvering demand of different drivers.

Off-road driving comfort is strictly connected with the vehicle’s suspension system. Only shocks with good damping performance can provide effective long-journey driving without damage to the CV joint and wheels. Comfort is not only related to the product’s factory setting damping force, but also affected by the thermal attenuation, wearing attenuation, and valve system responding speed on emergency road sections after a period of driving. EPIK shock absorbers use a mono-tube design which has fast valve responding, Germany FUCHS5045 racing oil with a working temperature of -45~160℃, compensation design of parts wearing to ensure slow damping attenuation and double-insurance inflating seal design to avoid air leakage.

Product Parameters

Tube Shaft Piston Seals Oil Reservoir
Material Steel Steel T7075 / / T6061
Specification 2.25”/2.5” 22mm 50/58mm NOK Fuchs 59x160mm

Adjustment: 24-stage compression adjustment.

Application and After-Sales Service

EPIK remote reservoir shock absorbers can be used for Jeep, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Isuzu, etc.

Warranty: 18 months, 30,000km.

Spare Parts, Process Flow, Energy Consumption, Production Line Configuration
All parts of EPIK shock absorbers are finely processed and assembled accurately to guarantee their performance and durability.
Our MOQ is 5 sets of mixed models for different vehicles.
About delivery time, 3 days for samples and 7-30 days for bulk orders.
Before production, a 30% deposit is needed to start production and the rest shall be paid before delivery.

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